Turn Customer Service into Customer Value:

AI-Powered Personalization, Digitalization and Customer Care 


Bidgely enables energy providers to develop an appliance-level relationship with their customers. By identifying the customer’s energy end-uses, we identify personalized opportunities for energy efficiency, demand response, retrofits, smart home devices, EVs, solar and more. We’ve helped utilities all across the world leverage AI-generated intelligence through web, email, and paper customer engagement solutions.


Whether we’ll see you in Tampa in August or connect via CS Week Virtual Touch in September, there are plenty of ways to explore how AI is revolutionizing the utility customer experience. Join us for our sessions and access the resources below to learn more. To see how AI can elevate your customer experience, fill out form below to connect with our team.

Meet with Our Team

Meet with our team at CS Week to see how UtilityAI is transforming the customer experience and elevating service. Whether you're looking to craft personalized, digital customer journeys, engage LMI populations, enhance your CRM, or empower your CSR teams, Bidgely's intuitive solutions bring the power of AI to your fingertips.

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CS Week Session: NV Energy's Customer-Centric Approach to Energy Management  

Join Adam Grant, from NV Energy alongside Abhay Gupta, Bidgely, as they discuss how NV Energy uses data as the backbone of their utility -- applying AI across multiple applications to create what it calls a “single source of truth” that would ensure its customers always see personalized, up-to-date information and to enable multiple NV Energy business units to improve their operational efficiencies.

AI-Enriched CRM for a 360-Degree Customer View 

We make sure no customer is caught off guard about where their energy spend is going and prepare them for future energy expenses due to weather, rate changes and behavioral shifts. So we’re excited to enable Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) using Salesforce Service Cloud with this intelligence at their fingertips so they can achieve higher customer satisfaction call ratings, reduced high bill call duration, and increase energy efficiency program adoption. Learn from Kelly James, VP and GM, Energy and Utilities at Salesforce Industries and Jordana Temlock, Director of Business Development at Bidgely as they explore the application of Salesforce across various utilities and how this has positioned CSRs as energy advisors.

Watch the session here.

Virtual Touch Session: SoCalGas on Achieving Behavioral EE with Medium Consumption Customers 

Launched in less than three months, SoCalGas’ Behavioral Program innovative approaches resulted in 565,000 therms saved in the program’s first year. The engagement rates were significant and garnered 81% “Likes” from customers with nearly 50% average email open rates. In March 2020 the pandemic hit, causing major shifts in energy usage. Thanks to the early success of SoCalGas’ Behavioral Program utilization of digital alerts, SoCalGas was able to pivot quickly to evolve its messaging and outreach during the crisis. In this CS Week Virtual Touch session, Dr. Liza Legaspi, Energy Management Supervisor, who led this program shares her perspective on how utilities can design inclusive programs to achieve engagement and energy savings.