JD Power Utility Client Conference 2021: Powering a Clean Energy Future (Abhay Gupta, CEO, Bidgely)

This session originally aired as part of the JD Power Utility Conference in March 2021.

The clean energy revolution is underway, with utilities leading the charge through the adoption of net-zero carbon goals and pledges towards a greener future. In the three dimensions of climate leadership, outlined in JD Power's latest Sustainability Index, there's a clear need to capture customer engagement and advocacy. In this presentation, Abhay Gupta, CEO and Founder of Bidgely, a leading AI-driven SaaS provider of utility and customer analytics, explores major opportunities to use data to better connect with customers:

  • Becoming a part of customers' EV and PV clean energy journey
  • Empowering consumer actions based on personalized opportunities
  • Building grid reliability through customer-centric insights