Solving real challenges with real data

Only Bidgely's patented AI algorithms leverage any meter data (AMI or analog) to extract granular insights, making your customer data truly valuable for decision-making.

Putting the Insights Engine to Work

Make intelligent decision with insights from data you already own. 
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Target the right customers

Granular, appliance-based targeting & insights enable improved program design, enrollment and performance.

Create new revenue streams

Support new revenue generation opportunities such as marketplaces, energy services, and electrification.

Modernize grid planning

Thrive through the energy transition by optimizing load forecasting, analyzing DERs, and improving scenario analysis.

Overcome Key Utility Challenges

  • Eliminate the guesswork with DSM planning: Quantify program potential by assessing millions of homes to optimize both program planning and design.
  • Optimize program participation: Estimate the ROI for each home from their usage patterns and appliance efficiency, helping customers make confident decisions and ensuring investments will result in savings.
  • Develop mutually-beneficial rate plans: Leverage disaggregated consumption and production data to support the creation of rates that work for customers and reinforce a stable grid - avoiding or augmenting sub-metering and field studies.
  • Improve visibility on electrification: Detect EV ownership and charging behaviors to assist in the development of electrification offers and rate analysis.
  • Avoid relying on static load profiles: Generate appliance load curves that are up to date and system-wide rather than dated and generic, to support more accurate and dynamic load forecasting.

Value already being delivered...

Below are two projects already underway with forward-thinking utilities

A/C Retrofit Program
Project to pinpoint and recruit homes with large, inefficient and old central A/C units that would be the best candidates to participate in the program. Encouraging rebate dollars towards homes that will provide the highest savings, helping the program hit GWh targets while maintaining a high TRC.

Rate Design
Engagement to determine when and how much customers' solar panels are producing using only AMI net consumption data, providing key inputs into the rate design process without having to install expensive sub-meters and wait for results.

Bidgely Insights Engine:

Solving Real Challenges with Real Data

Learn how the Bidgely Insights Engine is unlocking opportunity. To learn more,  please get in touch with our team.